Karen Hornbostel Mem'l Communique


All racers: 

The final turn (right turn) of the course, after the top of the hill, just before the finish line, has a designated coned section, or coned 'racing lane' that you HAVE to stay in.  That coned racing lane, should be considered the ONLY lane you can ride in there, through that right hand turn. You may not venture outside of the cones, for any reason, and you must stay in the coned lane for the entire duration of the turn.  It is part of the agreement the race promoters have made with the park, and the permit conditions include this item.  Stay to the right of the cones, and consider the cones as the extreme left side of where you can ride. It is essentially a centerline rule violation there, to ride to the left of the cones. This week and in subsequent weeks, there will be a monitor there noting riders that exit the coned racing lane before the end of the coned section, and those that may not enter the coned lane at all and make the right turn to the finish outside of the coned lane.  Those riders will be warned at a minimum, and may be subject to further penalty. Please slow down there to make that final turn if you need to, to negotiate it safely.  Please always keep in mind that the future of this race in years to come is partially dependent on our adherence to these rules. 

Thank you. 

Steven Trusdale- Chief Referee