KHMTT #1 Pre-Race Communique

KHMTT #1 Pre-Race Communique

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Welcome to the first Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial of 2018. There are several points of etiquette riders must observe.

1. Riders must enter  through the park?s east entrance.

2. There is no previewing or warming up on the course after 4:10pm. Please bring rollers or a trainer to use for warm-up. If you do not have rollers or a trainer you may warm up on the section of road between the Smoky Hill parking lot and the Y-intersection just north of the parking lot. Warming up is not allowed in the boat ramp parking lot below the start tent.

3. Please be at the start tent 3 minutes prior to your start time in accordance with USAC rule 3E5(a). A race clock will be at the yellow COBRAS tent near registration; please visit the tent to set your watch.

4. Centerline, or middle of the road, will be strictly enforced; the penalty for infraction will be disqualification. Please ride as far right as possible; hugging the centerline and blocking vehicle traffic is frowned upon by park staff. Riders may not pass slower moving cars on the left.

5. Please be courteous to other park users. Yelling at recreational riders and vehicle drivers is often reported to park staff and could cause us to lose this venue for future use.

Thank you, and enjoy the series.

Tom Foss, Chief Referee (USAC# 277450)


Karen Hornbostel Mem'l TT #1 @ Cherry Creek