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Race Communiqué Niwot Circuit Race 6/26/2016

Sun., Jun. 26, 2016

  Thank you to Barry Lee and the entire race staff for putting on a race that was logistically...

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Motoref / Chief Ref Meeting - Part 2

Fri., Jun. 24, 2016

In part 1 of this thread, we described the basic nature of what constitutes a center line infraction. In summary, any touching of the line or...

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Motoref / Chief Ref Meeting - Part 1

Tue., Jun. 21, 2016

The Chief Referees and the Motorefs met on Saturday, June 18th to discuss some issues that have come up recently concerning r rider behavior in...

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6-5-16 Deer Trail RR Race Communiqué

Mon., Jun. 6, 2016

  Race Communiqué Deer Trail RR 6/5/2016 Congratulations to all the senior state...

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BRAC Looking for Mechanic(s)

Mon., May. 16, 2016

We did not know how good we had it until it was gone. We refer to the WOL wheel program and the consistent great job done by Robert Malsch. Rob...

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REVISED Start Times for Best on Hess

Sat., May. 14, 2016

Revised 2016 Best on Hess Start Times can be seen here

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2016 KHMTT #5 Post Race Communiqué

Thu., May. 5, 2016

2016 KHMTT #5 Post Race Communiqué USAC Permit 2016-393, May 4, 2016 Chief...

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Results of MM 40+ 1-3 Rider Survey

Thu., May. 5, 2016

A couple of weeks ago after a social media blow up over combining MM 40+ 1-3 with SM 3 at a race, BRAC sent direct email to the two hundred or so...

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Results of CX Meeting and Rider Survey

Thu., May. 5, 2016

A few weeks ago BRAC and Tender Belly / Oscar Blues hosted an open town hall style meeting to give members and opportunity to discuss cyclo-cross...

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Race Communiqué Clasica de Rio Grande 4/23/2016

Sun., Apr. 24, 2016

There was  a serious crash on the final approach to the finish line in the Cat4 field....

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Race Communiqué Buff Gold Circuit Race 4/10/2016

Sun., Apr. 10, 2016

Riders 52 and 58 in the Collegiate Womens A race and 373 in the MW 50+ race received warnings crossing the centerline (rule...

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