About Colorado Cycling


Colorado Cycling advances the sport by inspiring our community to experience cycling events in the Rocky Mountain region.





WHAT IS Colorado Cycling?

The Colorado Cycling is your local association, responsible for the overall organization of cycling at the local level .Colorado Cycling is affiliated with the National Governing Body of bicycle racing, USA Cycling, located in Colorado Springs, and works with them to assure that there is a healthy and robust cycling scene in Colorado and southern Wyoming. Colorado Cycling has served the needs of Colorado and Wyoming racers, officials, and organizers since the mid 70's and has a professional staff and a board of directors elected by the members. 

Colorado Cycling is responsible for managing the calendar for road, track, and cyclo-cross racing, handling rider upgrades, permitting events through USA Cycling, and assigning officials to all events, just to name a few of its responsibiities. In addition Colorado Cycling maintains a race kit that race directos and clubs can use when they put on events, and it operates the road, track, and cyclo-cross CUP series. Colorado Cycling works closely with USA Cycling to make sure that our member's needs are cared for and their opinions heard. 

Colorado Cycling hosts many meetings, clinics, and community building events during the year, including meetings of the race directors in the various disciplines, as well as officials, and racer clinics focusing on juniors, women, and beginning racers.